Friday, 14 May 2010

Proof that i'm still alive


I have to say to my follwers of my blog that i'm sorry for being so bad at posting recently. As it's coming to the end of the college year, i've had so much work piling on top of the work I already had; this has resulted in no time for anything else pretty much. But thankyou for your support!

Recently i've had no motivation, and i'm in great need of a change. Everything is so boring, I need to move away and see new places. Britain is not doing it for me right now. Anyway, before I took some photographs, they're just quick shots but I realised how much i've missed updating my blog! However, the photos have turned out all grainy which is not good. These are the new American Apparel riding pants, and they are teriffic; I'm absolutely in love with them.

Feel free to ask me a question of my formspring,


  1. looks great! love your hairstyle! <3

  2. you look beautiful and those pants are great! :D

  3. great style. i love this outfit

  4. come to iceland i think you would love it.
    best regards from a boy in love from iceland...