Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A gilmpse at some of my work...

Some of you have been asking to see more of my work, so I've taken photographs of some of the pages from my last project. My subject was British Heritage:

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CW x

A Tin Of Sardines

My life is slowing down right now and I can't express how relieved I am. I finish college this week so I will finally have some time to sort my head out and actually indulge in things that I enjoy. I booked a holiday last week too, so it will be great to get away next month. However, I am now the poorest I have been in my life so far.

Moving on, that enough of poring my emotion out all over the internet, lets talk cameras. I own an old Praktica film camera which I picked up at a car-boot sale about 4 years ago but have never actually got round to using. So, the other week I went hunting for some film and finally took it out for a spin, only to find (upon getting my photographs developed), that the camera is actually probably near death. Which is a great shame because I have a lot of love for it's shell. Since this, I've been on the hunt for a new film camera, preferably a Lomography one. After scouring their online store last week, I found the love of my life- the La Sardina.

With it's wonderfully quirky, sardine can design and wide-angle lens, this camera has without doubt, stolen my heart and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I set eyes on it. It's soul crushing that I can't afford it now until next month, but I'll absolutely be worth the wait.

Some lomography photographs, who wouldn't want to take photos like these?:

CW x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Hello beautiful people,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer so far. I finally finish college at the end of the month and seriously can not stress to you how much I looking forward to be free. I can’t wait to be back using my camera and I’ve got so many ideas floating around for things to make when I set up my little blog shop! July can’t come quick enough. Tonight, I’m suddenly on a high of creativity!

I have some post planned for this week, including a post on Youreyeslie, a new and upcoming fashion brand who ever so kindly have send me some free goodies again! If you haven’t’ checked them out, then I strongly suggest you do so, their cosmic prints are ace! I’m also planning a post on my ideas for my blog shop, stay tuned.

While I’m sat here typing this in the front room of my house, I can’t help but wonder if any of my 1188 have any resent towards my bad blogging ways. ANYHOW, once again, I thank you all for still following and I promise you’ll love what I’ve got up my sleeve for the summer!
Much love to you all, Chloe x

(Youreyeslie Thanksiceland T-shirt I'd been lusting after for so long, I have a feeling this t-shirt is going to get abused...)