Sunday, 27 June 2010

After a very busy week of fashion shows for end of year collections, finishing projects and working, I am a very worn out girl. However, looking forward to finishing college this week and really being able to relax and enjoy the sun.

Hopefully a few posts this week, they have been lacking.

Anyway, I'm really wanting a pair of wedges for the summer, in a perfect world I could afford these babies

But sadly I am poor and trying to save! I have my eye on these though

Anyway, i'm off to do some work now and watch a film! x


  1. :O those are lushhhhhh! i really want some like that, bad sadly, no moneys :'(

  2. They're gorgeous :)
    Check out St Johns Market? The shoe shops there usually have shoes like that, but muchos cheaper :)

  3. i have been looking for this type for so long!! but say black with no lace just black! those would be sweet!!

    these are beautiful <3

  4. I what one of these too, but I prefer in beige.

  5. What brand is the laced pair?

  6. Awesome shoes!!!

    ♥ Maja