Monday, 25 April 2011

To my readers

I just logged on to Lookbook to have a browse and it's made me feel a little sad and even more ambitious to get back blogging and posting looks. I feel so out of the loop with the blogging world right now and I'm missing it a lot. A lot, a lot. My work load appears to be never ending and I'm only falling further behind. Roll on the day when I finally finish and never have to go back there. However, right now that day seems to be months, years, centuries away.

I thought I should be at least half decent to let you lovely readers know where I have disappeared to over the past few months, that is, if anybody ever reads this any more... Anyway, come June I will be back in action, with no more of this lack of updates for weeks at a time. I also have a few ideas up my sleeve which I'll go into more detail about when I'm back.

So, thank you for those of you who do read, thank you for being patient with this lost and bewildered blogger, and thank you for being so lovely. For now, you can track my thoughts on Twitter, I started tweeting again a few weeks ago.

Also, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and ate lots of chocolate!

Speak to you all soon, Chloe! x


  1. I would'nt stop reading your blog! It's one of my favourites :)It's understandable that things can get quite hectic. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Most people understand that life often gets in the way of blogging, and I, just like the majority of your followers I assume, are simply looking forward to reading your future posts :) Love your blog!

  3. blogging isn't easy! But it should always be enjoyable x

  4. It is so lovely of you to write this. You never need to explain yourself we all love you! Also, the fact that we have to wait makes it a little more exciting :) xxx

  5. new blog,

  6. i can understand about the workload. granted, i'm not in university but work is work, right? but it's quite alright, no one can judge you for being a good student!

    anyways we all obviously enjoy your blog, and the only thing we can really do is wait! anyone who says otherwise is just... yeah. <3

  7. i'm excited you're getting back to posting! looking forward to it!

    january, x

  8. I've just got into blogging so any tips are you refind your roots will come well received! I look your looks off lookbook so cannot wait to see your post :)


  9. Chloe u are still my fave blogger ever! You inspired me to start myself and I cannot wait for you to start posting again!

    Good luck with the studies,
    M x

  10. yes yes you inspired me to start blogging!

  11. I know what it's like to be overwhelmed by work, probably not to the same extent as you. But be that as it may, I almost destroyed myself in the process before finally finding my way out. That's the darkest place inside myself I've ever been. It breaks my heart to think of someone who has spread as much light as you have, getting lost in that place. Please take care of yourself because you are loved more than you will ever know in this life.

  12. hi!
    great blog! i love your photos on the other posts! dont feel to bad work is work and when you have time you will get to it!

    i am new to blogging so i know how you feel! i have no outfit posts or giveaways etc etc!

    i just came across your blog. i think its great. come visit mine and maybe we can follow each other!