Friday, 26 November 2010

watching paint dry

Hello my lovely readers.
I've spent the past two days in work so tonight i've been cracking on with some design work. I apologise for my lack of outfit posts lately, i've found it really hard to find time and a place to take photos! I may post one tomorrow so watch this space.
Here is a little snippet in photos of what i've been doing

And I have to show you my new Zara blazer I picked up whilst visiting my boyfriend in Sheffield last weekend, It's such a great jacket and can be thrown on with almost anything to smarten up an oufit. I've worn it with my green highwaited jeans from american apparel teamed with a ralph lauren shirt & jumper

I love the check fabric, and with Zara you can gaurentee their garments will last. Great investment pieces!
Speak to you soon! x


  1. Such lovely sketchbook pages! I wish my scanner would start working so I can post some of my work, perhaps I'll just take photos like you've done.

    I really wish there was a Zara here. I was in love with absolutely everything there when I was in Spain. I miss Zara.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. i really like this blazer, it looks sooo good! :) and totally agree with you, that clothes from zara are good investments.
    xx ♥

  3. Your sketchbook work has inspired me to get cracking with mine! Love the painting xx

  4. Well done dear!! These look really good

  5. wow watching paint dry is truly spectacular!

    I really love what you're working on. It looks like a portfolio of some sort, are you creating this for school or for yourself? Either way it's really awesome!



  6. You are realy good! Love your work <3

  7. Your work looks fab! very nice sketch bookpages, inspired to get on with mine!!
    love, x

  8. I love seeing your work! Love that blazer, I have one like it from zara that i got in the sale and i feel like an old man in it, love it! x

  9. the blazer is incredible and love the see your fabulous work, keep it up!

    xx claudia

  10. please visit my blog and tell me if u like it :))

  11. great book.
    nice work !