Sunday, 18 July 2010

what what what?

I am still alive, i've just been working most days this week so haven't had time to write on here. Anyway, here are some photos from the other day

Wearing, Trousers, Cropped T-shirt and jacket - all H&M, Dance shoes and micro mesh leotard - American Apparel.

I love these trousers, they're such a great colour and add a nice quirk to any outfit. I can't wait 'til pay day- there's so much I want to buy! And I need to start shopping for holiday clothes.

Yesterday I got a lovely pair of pleated pants from American Apparel, that pretty much made my day x


  1. you are so pretty. I love the outfit :)
    You sure look a lot like emma watson

  2. haha, no way! I just bought that leopard shirt the other day! That outfit is great though, I love it!

  3. gorgeous hair! and i love your trousers, love the preppy boyish look :D

  4. Great outfit and awesome blog!

    I`ll follow you!

    ♥ Maja

  5. your hair is incredible!
    love the shoes and trousers

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